Force Gauge Stand : Imada MX2 Series
  • Force Gauge Stand : Imada MX2 Series

Force Gauge Stand : Imada MX2 Series

• Motorised force test stand
• Variable speed
• Available in 500N, 1000N, 2500N capacities
• Emergency stop feature

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MX2 series Motorized Force Test Stands from Imada are used for controlled precise measurement and offer capabilities such as speed control, force control, quick return and emergency stop.  

The MX2 series is available in three capacities of 500N (50Kgf), 1000N (100Kgf) or 2500N (250Kgf) for use with Imada Force Gauge and Load Cells.

They are powered by a high performance brushless motor for smooth operation and have three test modes for a range of applications, including manual, single and jog. They also include a counter and timer function for repetition and durability testing.

Test speed range is freely adjustable from 10~300mm/min across all three models.

Force control and overload prevention is also programmable through use of ZT-series digital Force Gauges or "FA Plus" Digital force analyzer.

Custom options are available for Long stroke, Speed range change, Linear scale, Length meter, I/O connector type2.


  • 3 Test modes (manual, single, jog)
  • Fast set up and operation through the dual action main control dial and push button
  • Variable speed 10~300mm/min
  • Stroke: 230mm (500N model) and 290mm (1000N and 2500N models)
  • High rigidity steel construction for precise measurement
(500N model)
(1000N model)
(2500N model)
MX2 Series