Force Gauge Stand : Imada MX-Series
  • Force Gauge Stand : Imada MX-Series

Force Gauge Stand : Imada MX-Series

• Motorised tensile and compression testing
• Manual, single and continuous cycle test modes
• Available in 500N, 1000N, 5000N capacities
• Safety stop override 

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MX-series Motorised Force Gauge Test Stand from Imada with basic controls only for speed and mechanical travel limits, general for compression and tensile testing. Is simple to use and set-up with three test modes; manual, single, continuous cycle.

The high performance brushless motor offers smooth and powerful operation across the MX-series from 8~300mm/min depending on model.

There are also options for long stroke, speed/length meter, and speed range change.

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  • •Simple operation
  • •3 models (500N, 1000N, 5000N)
  • •3 operation modes (single, continuous, jog)
  • •Controlled operation through mechanical limit stops and safety stop override
MODEL MX-500N MX-1000N MX-5000N
Capacity  500N (50Kgf) 1000N (100Kgf)  5000N (500Kgf) 
Stroke  235mm 410mm 305mm 
Test Speed 10~300mm/min   8~240mm/min 10~300mm/min 
Function Control Manual, Single, Continuous modes   
Safety Devices  Stroke Limit, Emergency Stop   
Power 240VAC
Weight 13Kg 24Kg 30Kg