Force Gauge: Imada PS/PSS Series
  • Force Gauge: Imada PS/PSS Series

Mechanical Force Gauge: Imada PS/PSS Series

• Mechanical force gauge
• Tare weight function 
• High accuracy ± 0.1% f.s 
• Capacities up to 500N

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The PS/PSS series mechanical force gauges offer high accuracy. These series feature a peak hold function and zero adjustment for tare weight.  Includes 8 attachments to suit use with various applications.


  • Units of measurement: N, kgf and lbf
  • Real time track or peak hold
  • Operating temperature: 0 to +40°C
  • High accuracy
  • Zero adjustment for tare weight
  • Accessories: 8 different attachments, inspection certificate, instruction manual, carry case
Model PSS PS
Stroke 10mm 10mm
Measuring Units N, kgf, lbf N, kgf, lbf
Range 5N to 500N 5N to 500N
Display Features Selectable Peak Hold Function Selectable Peak Hold Function
Graduation 100 lines 100 lines
Accuracy ± 0.1% of FS +/-0.1% of FS
Operating Temperature Range From 0 to +40°C From 0 - +40°C
Weight 580g (PSS 10N) 670g (PS 500N)
Accessories 8 attachments & carry case 8 attachments & carry case


Model Capacity Resolution
PS-5N 5N 0.05N
PS-10N 10N 0.1N
PS-20N 20N 0.2N
PS-30N 30N 0.25N
PS-50N 50N 0.5N
PS-100N 100N 1N
PS-200N 200N 2N
PS-300N 300N 2.5N
PS-500N 500N 5N

Imada PS