Densimeter : SD-200
  • Densimeter : SD-200

Densimeter : SD-200

• SD-200 is a high precision densimeter
• Used to measure the specific gravity of liquids and solids
• Density resolution of 0.0001g/cm³
• Conforms to pycnometer and hydrostatic method

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A a super high precision densimeter from Alfa Mirage Japan. The SD-200 has a display resolution of 0.0001g/cm³ and is capable of measuring liquids and readily floating solids such as urethane, rubber, sponge and wood.

In solid mode the SD-200 is capable of measuring volume variation factor, indicating errors for the measured value and compensating water temperature for the measurement of specific gravity. For liquid mode a sample of 50cc is required and indications available are weight in air, weight in water, value of specific gravity and volume.


  • Resolution: 0.0001g/cm³
  • Capacity: 200g
  • Conforms to Pycnometer and Hydrostatic method
  • JIS K6268A
  • former JIS K6350 (Rubber)
  • JIS K7112 (Plastic)
  • ASTM D297-93-16 (Rubber)
  • ASTM D792-00 (Plastic)
  • •Printer
  • •Liquid gravity kit (required for liquids)
  • •RS232C Interface
  • •ISO related certification and traceability documents