• CTR-1000i
  • CTR-1000i

Coating Thickness Gauge : CTR-1000i

• Dry film coating thickness gauge
• Fe / NFe auto recognition
• Integrated probe for single hand testing
• Measuring range 0 ~ 1250µm 

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The CTR-1000i Coating thickness gauge suits users that require a DFT gauge that can measure the coatings on ferrous or non ferrous metals.  

It is commonly in the automotive industry to measure the coating thickness of paints.  Other uses include measuring of thickness of other coatings such as galvanisation and powder coating.

The reason for measuring thickness is for maintaining quality and cost control.  If a coating is too thick, extra money is spent on the coating material.  If a coating is too thin, it is not providing the protection it should, which can leave the product exposed to the possibility of damage.

The CTR-1000i has an integrated probe making it possible for single handed testing.  The backlit LCD screen displays the result, the minimum, maximum and average results.  Included are a set of reference films as well as Fe and NFe plates for zero calibration. 


  • • Integrated probe for easy use
    Bluetooth® wireless (optional)
    • Fe/NFe
    • Memory
    • Backlit LCD


Resolution 0.1µm (up to 99µm), 1µm above 99µm
Measuring Range 0 - 1250µm (0 - 50mil)
Backlight Yes
Memory 99 Groups
Display LCD
Power 2 x AAA 1.5V Batteries
Substrate Fe / Nfe
Reference Films Set of 4 included


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