Cap Torque Tester : DTXS | DTXA
  • Cap Torque Tester : DTXS | DTXA

Cap Torque Tester : Imada DTXS | DTXA Series

• Use to measure torque force for opening/closing screw tops
• Accuracy ±0.5% f.s
• Adjustable table grips from 20-160mm
• 2000Hz data sampling
• 1000 point data memory

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Imada Screw Cap Torque Tester DTXS (Standard) and DTXA (Advanced) series have a high sampling rate and high repeatability for accurate testing.  

The Cap Torque meter is used to measure torque force for opening and closing screw tops such as jar lids, bottle caps, pill bottles etc. If lids are too hard to remove then they are unpopular with consumers and if they are too easy to remove then spillage can occur.  By using a screw cap tester the best torque range can be obtained and then production machines can be set and checked for their adhearence to the specified range.

The DTXS is the standard model suitable for general open and closing torque testing and is supplied with basic "ZT-Logger" software.

The DTXA is differentiated by its ability to be used for advanced testing including angle displacement and requires the "Force-Recorder" professional software and motorised test stand to unlock its full capabilities.


  • •Accuracy +/-0.5% F.S.
  • •Multiple units of measure: Newtons, Kgf-m, Kgf-cm, lbf-in, ozf-in
  • •Adjustable table grips from 20~160mm diameter
  • •High Speed data sampling 2000Hz
  • •Data communication with basic software included
  • •1000 point data memory
  • •200% overload rating
  • •Multiple tables and attachments available
DTXA-2N / DTXS-2N 2N-m (200N-cm) 2.000N-m (200.0N-cm) 0.001N-m (0.1N-cm)
DTXA-5N / DTXS-5N 5N-m (500N-cm) 5.000N-m (500.0N-cm) 0.001N-m (0.1N-cm)
DTXA-10N / DTXS-10N 10N-m (1000N-cm) 10.00N-m (1000N-cm) 0.01N-m (1N-cm)





Cap Torque Tester

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