• TGR-1000
  • TGR-1000

Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge : TGR-1000

• Wide measurement range up to 225mm*
• Rugged aluminium casing
• 11 preset sound velocities
• LEMO 00 connection

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TGR-1000 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge by Starr Instruments is designed with a metal body case to suit the punishing conditions of workshops and industrial sites.  This gauge is suitable for users with basic requirements to measure the thickness of materials such as metals, plastics, glass and most types of rubber without the need for data recording and reporting.

An example of use is checking the thickness of a pipe.  The TGR-1000 uses ultrasonic sound waves to measure the pipe without cutting it.  In areas where the thickness is less than the average or less than expected it can be a sign of corrosion and thereby identify the need for repair work. The same applies to walls of tanks and vessels.

Ultrasonic thickness gauges work by using a sound pulse sent from a probe transducer, through the surface, which echoes off the back wall of the object being measured.  The gauge measures the time it takes to receive back the sound wave pulse, and based on the material velocity of the object (how fast sound waves travel through a material), it then works out the distance travelled.  The distance travelled, divided by two is the thickness.   

A 5MHz right angle probe is supplied as standard and is suitable for the majority of testing purposes.  There are optional probes available - see below


  • • 11 Pre-stored sound velocities (steel, aluminium, cast iron, PVC etc)
    • Automatic power off
    • Bluetooth data output (Optional extra)
    • Aluminium alloy case
** Bluetooth add-on option includes USB Bluetooth dongle and software CD-ROM for live data recording to PC. Please note this is a special order, factory fitted option.


Measurement Range 0.9mm – 255mm (Material/Probe Dependent)
Display Units Metric (mm)/Imperial (inch) Selectable
Sound Velocity Range 1000m/s ~ 9999 m/s
Display Resolution 0.01mm ( <100mm) 0.1mm (>99.9mm)
Internal Memory 5 Sound Velocities
Power 2 x AA Batteries
Data Output USB to Mini USB
Dimensions 130mm x 76mm x 32mm
Weight 238g




Mini Probe

The mini probe is used for curved surfaces with at least a 15mm diameter which allows for better coupling with the surface being tested.  This probe is also suitable for testing thinner materials.

2MHz Probe

The 2MHz probe is low frequency and used for getting results on thicker samples and high attenuating material such as rubber and plastics.

High Temperature Probe

The High temperature probe fitted with PTFE grip housing, allows for use of the probe on hot surfaces up to 300°C.