Thickness Gauge Probes
  • Thickness Gauge Probes
  • Thickness Gauge Probes

Thickness Gauge Probes

• Various sizes and frequencies.
• LEMO 00 connections
• Works with most ultrasonic thickness gauges. 

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Often an ultrasonic thickness gauge will come with 10mm Diameter 5MHz probe as standard with LEMO 00 connections. This probe suits most testing applications.  From time to time applications can't be completed with the standard probe due to access, thickness of material or temperature.  To solve this issue we have a range of additional probes available that come with the LEMO 00 connection.

Mini Probe (6mm)

Used for curved surfaces with a diameter of at least 15mm.  The smaller surface area of the probe, 6mm diameter, allows for better coupling with the curved surface of the material that is being measured.  This probe also suits measurement of thinner materials with a frequency of 6MHz.

Right-angled 90° Probe

Used for access where the is not enough room for a straight probe.

2MHz Probe

The 2MHz probe is used for high penetration.  With a lower frequency and longer wavelength it is used to get readings on thicker samples.

High Temperature Probe

The high temperature probe has a special casing that allows for the measurement of thickness of materials that are at a temperature of up to 300°C

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Probe Feature Range (Steel) Diameter Frequency Operating Temp
TGP5S10 Straight 1.2 ~ 225mm 10mm 5MHz -10°C ~ +60°C
TGP5R10 90° Angle 1.2 ~ 225mm 10mm 5MHz -10°C ~ +60°C
TGP5R6 Small Diameter 0.8 ~ 30mm 6mm 6MHz -10°C ~ +60°C
TGP5HT12 High Temperature 5 ~ 80mm 12mm 5MHz -10°C ~ +300°C
TGP2R10 High Penetration 4 ~ 260mm 10mm 2MHz -10°C ~ +60°C