• TGD-100

Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge : TGD-100

• Measuring range 0.75mm to 300mm*
• Two-point calibration
• Data recording and output
• Automatic probe recognition 

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TGD-100 Ultrasonic thickness gauge is a great all-round device for thickness measurement.  It has many features including 2-point calibration for greater accuracy, low and high limit setting with alarm function, adjustable sensitivity (gain) for high attenuating materials, 5 user preset sound velocities for quick reference and internal data logger memory for recording groups of data. 

The TDG-100 has the capability to measure the thickness of solid composition materials using the pulse echo method.  Such materials include; Metals, Plastics, Glass and most types of rubber.

The sound velocity of a material is used to determine the thickness.  A useful feature of this unit is that it is able to determine the unknown sound velocity of a material.  All that is required is a sample with a known thickness and you can work backwards.
Self calibration is possible with an integrated 4mm calibration block located on the front of the unit.  For additional reference testing and lab certification, a 4-step calibration wedge block is available for purchase separately (SW-1).


  • •Large, clear LCD with switchable backlight
  • •500 Reading internal memory
  • •Export data to PC via USB (Software included)
  • •2-Point calibration mode for greater accuracy
  • •Alarm limit setting for minimum / maximum tolerance values
  • •Automatic probe recognition with all LEMO 00 connections


Measurement Range 0.75mm – 300.00mm (Material/Probe Dependent)
Display Units Metric (mm)/Imperial (inch) Selectable
Sound Velocity Range 1000m/s ~ 9999 m/s
Display Resolution ±0.5% thickness + 0.4mm (material dependent)
Internal Memory 500 Values & 5 Sound Velocities
Power 2 x AA Batteries
Data Output USB to Mini USB
Dimensions 150mm x 74mm x 32mm
Weight 238g


  • 1 x Thickness Gauge
  • 1 x 5MHz Transducer Probe
  • 2 x AA Batteries
  • 1 x Ultrasonic Couplant Gel (125mL)
  • 1 x Software CD-ROM
  • 1 x Data Cable
  • 1 x User Instruction Manual
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The standard supply is a 5MHz right angle transducer (probe); and this is recommended for a most applications. If you have difficult or non-standard application or material, then we offer additional options as follows:
Mini Probe (6mm right angle) 
Used for curved surfaces with a diameter of at least 15mm the smaller surface area of the probe allows for better coupling with the curved material being measured.  This probe is also suitable for measuring thinner materials and in machined grooves and recessed areas.
2MHz (10mm right angle)
The 2MHz probe is for high penetration.  With a lower frequency and longer wavelength it is used to take readings on thicker samples and high attenuating material such as rubber and plastics including HDPE etc.

High Temperature (10mm straight probe)
The high temperature probe features a standard, straight 5MHz transducer wrapped in a thick Teflon grip designed to allow for safe, comfortable use whilst testing materials that are hot, up to a temperature of to 300°C; such as process pipe work and boilers. US of special high temperature coupling gel is also recommended for temperatures above 110°C.


TGD manual

Complete user operation manual for TGD-100 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

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