Force Gauge Stand : Shimpo FGS-100H
  • Force Gauge Stand : Shimpo FGS-100H

Force Gauge Stand : Shimpo FGS-100H

• Manual hand wheel style test stand
• 1000N tensile and compression capacity
• 30mm clearance steps adjustable from 52mm to 202mm 

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The FGS-100H manual hand wheel Force Gauge Test Stand from Shimpo Instruments provides the ability to obtain accurate, consistent results through use of precision gear-driven test force application.

The hand wheel allows users to precisely control and apply the test load for even the most delicate, sensitive applications. Testing up to a maximum load force of 1000N (100Kg/f) is possible with this stand and it is possible to perform tensile and compressive forces.

6 Adjustable steps for clearance allow for testing of a range of different sized items with each step 30mm.  The vertical clearance is adjustable from 52mm~202mm and the total stroke is 3mm per hand wheel rotation.

The stand is made from all steel construction providing excellent durability and repeatability. It is also pre-drilled to accept other manufacturers gauges.  Optional is a distance meter.


  • •52~202mm clearance (adjustable)
  • •6 adjustment steps of 30mm
  • •Versatile bottom mounting plate accepts all standard and custom-made attachments
  • •Strong all steel construction
  • •Stroke: 3mm/per rotation