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  • DSD Series

Digital Durometer : DSD-D

DSD-D Digital Durometer for testing the hardness of resins and plastics in Shore D. 

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The DSD-D Series digital durometer is designed for easy use to test hard plastics and resins.

Common applications are for quality control purposes and include testing the hardness of plastic chairs and fixtures.  A durometer measures the resistance to an indentation that is  made with a specific indenter and spring loading according to specific test standards such as ASTM D 2240.  When measuring for QC, a durometer is used to measure for consistency in a product and that it meets internal specification requirements.

The unit is fully integrated to be simply used with one hand operation and shows live statistics on its screen. Including the current hardness result, minimum, maximum, average values and standard deviation.  

To use the DSD you press the device onto the surface of the object under evaluation, and based on the resistance to the spring loading it displays a reading on the screen.


  • • Live statistics - average, min, max, standard deviation
    • Instant printing of results to wireless, mini printer (optional extra)
  • • Easy saving of test data to large internal memory (500 readings)
    • Ultra compact, lightweight and ergonomic for easy use
    • Mountable in test stand for controlled load application and dwell time (optional extra)
  • • Rechargable internal battery


The standard kit includes the unit, power adapter, calibration control ring and factory calibration certificate. Optional extras are reference test blocks, wireless printer and test stand.

For further assistance or enquiry on specialist scales please contact us.


Model DSD-D
Scale Shore D
Accuracy ≤ ± 1 HD
Resolution 0.1 HD
Display LCD (backlit)
Memory 500 readings
Power Ni-MH internal, rechargable
Data Output 2.4G wireless printer (Optional)
Dimensions 150mm x 50.5mm x 29mm
Weight 170g