Teclock GS-720G
  • Teclock GS-720G
  • GS-720G in case

Dial Durometer : Teclock GS-720G

• Dial Shore D Durometer
• Manuctured in Japan by Teclock
• Extra stability when testing with wide footprint
• Complies with JIS 6253-2006, ASTM D2240

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The Teclock GS-720G is a Shore D scale, mechanical dial type precision Durometer that is manufactured in Japan to the highest of standards.

With a wide 40mm x 16mm footprint for extra stability the GS-720G can be mounted to a test stand and fixed with a generic m6 thread cap.

Shore D Durometer is used for testing of hard rubbers like Viton and plastics, perspex and other similar materials like Gyprock, plasterboard, fibreglass and composites.


  • Shore D
  • JIS 6253-2006
  • ASTM D 2240
  • Peak pointer type (lazy arm)
  • Conical cone indenter of R0.1mm 35° 
  • 180g