Dial Durometer : Teclock GS-719G

• Dial shore A durometer
• Manufactured in Japan by Teclock
• Wide base for extra stability
• Complies to JIS 6253-2006, ASTM D 2240 

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The Teclock GS-719G is a precision mechanical dial type Durometer that is manufactured in Japan to the highest of standards.

The base is wide with a 40mm x 16mm footprint for extra stability when testing print rollers. The Teclock GS-719G can also be mounted into a test stand for accurate, repeatable batch testing.

Our standard version is the peak pointer type which has two indicators for easy reading of the maximum value even on softer materials with higher elasticity. This is commonly referred to as a lazy arm.


  • Shore A
  • JIS 6253-2006
  • ASTM D 2240
  • Peak pointer type (lazy arm)
  • Truncated cone indenter of R0.79mm 35° 
  • 180g