Beer Refractometer : TE-RM100SGB
  • Beer Refractometer : TE-RM100SGB

Beer Refractometer : TE-RM100SGB

• Manual refractometer used to measure specific gravity and brix
• Requires only 3 drops of sample for a result
• Used in brewing to measure starting and final gravity
• Easy to calibrate and focus

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This hand held refractometer measures the density of sugars in a solution and gives you an instant specific gravity reading at any stage during the boil or run off from the mash.  This refractometer is ideal for quick and frequent checks on the gravity of your running or while sparging.  Unlike a hydrometer, this device only requires a very small amount of sample to determine an accurate result (approximately 2-3 drops). 


  • •Dual scale - Brix and specific gravity
  • •Full range 0-32% Brix scale and 0.2% scale division
  • •1.000-1.200 specific gravity scale for unfermented wort
  • •Uses ambient light so no need for batteries or a power supply
  • •Adjustable focusing ring
  • •Easy to calibrate
  • •High quality and accurate testing results
  • •Quick accurate measurements


MEASURING RANGE 0 ~ 32% 1.000 ~ 1.120
ACCURACY ±0.4% 0.002
RESOLUTION 0.2% 0.001