Refractometer : TE-RM25AB
  • Refractometer : TE-RM25AB

Grape Sugar Wine Refractometer : TE-RM25AB

• Manual refractometer to measure alcohol v/v and sugar %
• Easy to focus and calibrate.
• Measuring range 0 ~ 25% v/v alcohol, 0 ~ 40% Brix.
• Accuracy ± 0.2% 

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This Alcohol and Brix refractometer is used in the grape wine brewing process to measure the original grape fluids.  The TE-RM25AB has been developed for working with the sugar content in grape wine and alcohol content by volume.  This assists the manufacturer to determine the best time to brew the grape wine.  This refractometer has a suggested working temperature of 20°C (about from 18°C to 25°C) and its unit is Vol/Vol.


  • Adjustable manual focusing
  • Manual calibration
  • Automatic temperature compensation
  • Easy to use, focus and calibrate
  • Accurate testing results


MEASURING RANGE 0 ~ 25% Vol  0 ~ 40% 
RESOLUTION 0.20% Vol 0.20% 
ACCURACY ±0.2% Vol ±0.2%