Refractometer : TE-RM28S
  • Refractometer : TE-RM28S

Salinity NaCl Brine Refractometer : TE-RM28S

• Manual refractometer used for measuring NaCl in Brine.
• Automatic temperature compensation.
• Measuring range 0-28%
• Easy to calibrate. 

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This salinity refractometer TE-RM28S is developed for measuring salt in brine and prepared food solutions.  It is fully equipped with automatic temperature control that automatically adjusts itself to the correct temperature discrepancies during use.  The TE-RM28S has a measurement range of 0-28%.  It is capable of measuring with high accuracy and with precise results.  This unit has a vivid and sharp reticle chart for easy and comfortable reading.  It uses ambient light only, so therefore, no batteries or power supply is needed.


  • Measuring range 0-28%
  • Minimum division 0.2%
  • Automatic temperature range 10°C-30°C