Refractometer : TE-RM Series
  • Refractometer : TE-RM Series

Brix Refractometer : TE-RM Series

• Manual refractometers ideal for quick measurement
• Automatic temperature compensation (10°C ~ 30°C)
• Easy calibration
• Different ranges available

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These Optical Refractometers are specifically designed for measuring sugar related liquids such as low sugar fruit and vegetable juices, maple sap, synthetic and semi synthetic coolants, soft drinks and wine. 

The TE-RM series refractometers are especially useful for the food harvesting, processing and packaging industries as they are able to monitor the specific concentration of sugar concentration in food and beverages to ensure product quality. 

These devices are also able to easily and accurately test the ripeness of fruits in the field.

They are capable of measuring with high accuracy, providing precise results and using only ambient light, so therefore no batteries are required.



    • Automatic temperature control (Compensation range 10°C ~ 30°C)
    • Easy to operate and calibrate
    • Uses ambient light only - no batteries or power source required


 TE-RM10B  0~10%  0.1%
 TE-RM18B  0~18%  0.2%
 TE-RM32B  0~32%  0.2%
 TE-RM50B  0~50%  1%
 TE-RM90B  58~90% 0.5%