Digital Refractometer : Atago PAL-RI
  • Digital Refractometer : Atago PAL-RI

Digital Refractive Index Refractometer : Atago PAL-RI

• High quality digital refractive index (R.I.) refractometer
• Measurement range 1.3306 to 1.5284 R.I.
• Resolution 0.0001 R.I
• IP65 water rated

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The PAL-RI encompasses all of the same great features of the Atago "PAL" series. It has easy one-touch operation. Simply place some droplets of your sample on the prism and press the start key.  

The Refractive Index (R.I.) measurement (resolution 0.0001) and Temperature °C is shown on the digital display screen within 3 seconds. The PAL-RI is conveniently operated by 2 X AAA batteries which provide over 10,000 measurements.

Once finished, you can safely wash the PAL-RI under running water for simple clean up.

All Refractometers operate using the Refractive Index method converted for a specific usage. The PAL-RI is just a straight forward Refractive Index tester for determining the concentration of industrial fluids, cutting compounds, oil etc.


  • •Wide Range: 1.3306 to 1.5284 R.I.
  • •Measurement Accuracy: ±0.0003 R.I.
  • •Display Resolution: 0.0001 R.I.
  • •IP65 dust tight and protected against water jets
  • •Sample volume 0.3ml
  • •Quick 3 second measurement time
  • •Compact and lightweight for complete portability
  • •Zero calibration with water