Brix Refractometer : PAL-2
  • Brix Refractometer : PAL-2

Digital 45-93% Brix Refractometer : Atago PAL-2

• High quality Japanese made digital refractometer
• Measures 45-93% Brix
• Use to measure concentrated juices, jams, honey etc
• Automatic temperature compensation up to 99.9°C 

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The Atago digital Brix Refractometer PAL-2 measures in the range of 45.0 to 93.0% Brix (total soluble solids) and has the ability to test extremely high concentration samples such as concentrated juices, cordials, jams, honey and marmalade.

The PAL-2 gives a steady measurement to boiling samples such as jams and marmalades right up to 99.9°C through use of the "ATC" Automatic Temperature Compensation feature. Hot samples should be measured more than once until the result stabilizes.  This unit uses a minimal sample to test and gives a very quick result within 3 seconds.


  • •Range: 45-93% Brix
  • •Resolution: 0.1% Brix
  • •Accuracy: +/-0.2% Brix
  • •One touch measurement
  • •Zero calibration with water
  • •0.3ml sample requirement for measuring
  • •3 second result time
  • •Automatic temperature compensation
  • •Battery operated (2 x AAA. Approx 11,000 measurements)
  • •Compact and lightweight for portability