• PP-200
  • PP-200

Pocket Penetrometer : S068

• Soil Penetrometer Pocket sized
• Used to classify cohesive and non-cohesive soils
• Includes 5 different plunger tips
• Peak hold and zero reset

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The S068 "Geotester" Pocket Penetrometer is designed for users that require a wider range both cohesive and non-cohesive soils, from hard clay through to loose sandy loam.

It is used by testing the foundation plane or direct site sampling as-is. Designed based on research of the "Institute of the Construction of Railway and Airport" of the University of Bologna, Italy.

It is most commonly used in land care, farming and also construction. The Geotester comes with 5 different size plunger tips to provide the ability to test a broader range of soil types.  

To obtain a reading, push the Penetrometer gently into the soil to the indication groove line.  The results are worked out by a data table (included), based on the result value and the tip size/type.  

The results will either be the angle of internal friction "Phi" for sandy soils and the larger plungers, the cohesion "C" or unconfined compressive strength of clay soils for the smaller plungers.  

Best practice is to take the average result over 10 test samples.

All external parts are made from stainless steel; the spring is nickel-plated steel and the internal mechanics are brass.

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  • • Portable
    • 5 Plungers: 1/4", 10mm, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm Diameters
    • Range 0-6 kg/cm2 and 0-11 Kg
    • Zero reset button
    • Peak Hold
    • Weight: 400gm