Force Gauge : Imada ZT Series
  • Force Gauge : Imada ZT Series
  • Force Gauge : Imada ZT Series

Force Gauge : Imada ZTA | ZTS Series

• Advanced data acquisition at 2000Hz
• Durable metal construction
• Displacement data*
• Available in capacities up to 5000N 

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The Imada ZTA and ZTS series advanced function digital force gauges have a vibrant display which is reversible and displays the force value, unit of measure and peak value. 

There are two version of this gauge: The ZTS is the standard version and the ZTA is the advanced version. 

The ZTS has strong data features and with the data acquisition software can capture data up to 2000 times per second.

The ZTA adds even more features including: displacement measurement, 1st and 2nd peak, min/max/average value recording, direct saving to USB and the ability to graph the force vs displacement with the use of a motorised test stand and the professional software (optional extra).


  • •Vibrant display visible in dark locations
  • •Process and transmits data 2000Hz
  • •Displacement data (ZTA model, Professional Software and Motorised stand required)
  • •Colour coded LED indicators for go/no go testing
  • •Durable metal construction
  • •Overload capacity 200%
  • •Overload alarm at 110% 
  • •Multi language menus 


Accuracy ± 0.2% F.S.
Selectable Units N,kgf,lbf
Measurement Modes Real Time, Peak
Memory 1000 Hz data
Output RS-232C, Digimatic, Analog


ZTS-2N / ZTA-2N 2N (200gf) 0.001N (0.1gf)
ZTS-5N / ZTA-5N 5N (500gf) 0.001N (0.1gf)
ZTS-20N / ZTA-20N 20N (2kgf) 0.01N (0.001kgf)
ZTS-50N / ZTA-50N 50N (5kgf) 0.01N (0.001kgf)
ZTS-200N / ZTA-200N 200N (20kgf) 0.1N (0.01kgf)
ZTS-500N / ZTA-500N 500N (50kgf) 0.1N (0.01kgf)
ZTS-1000N / ZTA-1000N 1000N (100kgf) 1N (0.1kgf)
ZTS-2500N / ZTA-2500N 2500N (250kgf) 1N (0.1kgf)
ZTS-5000N / ZTA-5000N 5000N (500kgf) 1N (0.1kgf)


ZT Series

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