Densimeter : MDS-3000
  • Densimeter : MDS-3000

Densimeter : MDS-3000

• MDS-3000 is a high capacity densimeter
• Measure liquids and solids with a capacity of up to 3kg
• Measure floating objects
• Liquid density temperature compensation

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A high capacity densimeter from Alfa Mirage Japan. The MDS-3000 allows for large, heavy samples up to 3kg to be tested without the need to cut.  This enables for the average density over the complete sample to be calculated at once, saving operator time.

In solid mode there is a new function of powder density substituted measurement.  There is also an auto weighing function and floating objects such as shoe soles can be measured.  

In liquid mode there is liquid density temperature compensation by setting liquid coefficient value which depends on temperature. Also featured is selectable measuring time.


  • Resolution: 0.01g/cm³
  • Capacity: 3kg
  • Airtight Shield included
  • Printer
  • Liquid density kit