Densimeter : MDS-300
  • Densimeter : MDS-300

Densimeter : MDS-300

• Measure the specific gravity of solids and liquids
• Density resolution of 0.001g/cm³
• Measure floating materials such as plastics, wood etc
• Conforms to pycnomoeter and hydrostatic method 

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A general purpose densimeter, the MDS-300 has a density resolution of 0.001g/cm³ and is capable of measuring solids and liquids (optional kit required) up to 300 grams in weight.

Capabilities include the ability of setting the actual water temperature and specific gravity of the solution and automatically compensating the measured specific gravity.  Other capabilities include the ability to measure plastic pellets and readily floating materials such as urethane, rubber, plastics, sponge and wood. 


  • Resolution 0.001g/cm³
  • Capacity 300g
  • Conforms to Pycnometer and Hydrostatic method
  • JIS K6268A, 
  • former JIS K6350, 
  • ASTM D297-93-16 (Rubber)
  • ASTM D792-00 (Plastic)
  • Airtight windshield
  • Printer
  • Liquid gravity kit
  • ISO-related certification and tractability- documents