Densimeter : EW-300SG
  • Densimeter : EW-300SG

Densimeter : EW-300SG

• EW-300SG is a basic densimeter
• Measuring specific gravity of solids
• Density resolution 0.01g/cm³
• Measures in 10 seconds

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The Alfa Mirage EW-300SG is a basic densimeter for solids only, with a display resolution of 0.01g/cm³. Takes just 10 seconds to measure, making it ideal for use on a production line.

The EW-300SG is capable of measuring the specific gravity of floating samples such as urethane, rubber, plastics, sponge and wood in water.


Resolution: 0.01g/cm³
Capacity: 300g
Measurement Time: 10 Seconds
Interface: RS232C data
Mode: Comparator

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