• CTR-1000s
  • CTR-1000s

Coating Thickness Gauge : CTR-1000s

• Separate probe coating thickness gauge
• Able to measure in grooves and recesses
• Measures coatings on Fe and NFe metal substrates
• Live statistics on screen

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CTR-1000s is a dry film thickness (or DFT) gauge designed for users that need to non destructively measure coating thickness on metallic substrates. 

The separate probe allows measurement in difficult to access areas such as the drainage channels under the bonnet of a car, inside h-beams, chassis rails, o-ring grooves and machined recesses. 

The CTR-1000s has many uses in industry, the most common would be measuring the thickness of paint, such as the thickness of paint on a metal panel found on car parts.  Applying too much paint can be more expensive and non applying enough paint can have the effect of not protecting the part which increases the chances of that part corroding.

Measuring anodising and galvanised coatings is also possible with the probe sensor automatically detecting the type of substrate and using Eddy Current or Magnetic Induction measurement method as required.

The results are displayed in metric "microns" or imperial "mil" on the large, backlit LCD screen, along with live updated statistical data including minimum, maximum and average thickness.

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  • • Separate probe for access into small, tight and non-uniform parts
    • Backlit LCD
    • Internal Memory (99 readings)
    • Live statistics on screen (min, max, avg)
Resolution 0.1µm (up to 99µm), 1µm above 99µm
Measuring Range 0 ~ 1250µm (0 - 50mil)
Backlight Yes
Memory 99 Readings
Display LCD
Power 2 x AAA 1.5V Batteries
Substrate Fe / NFe
Reference Films  Set of 4 included 

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