Coating Thickness Gauge : Surfix® easy
  • Coating Thickness Gauge : Surfix® easy

Coating Thickness Gauge : Surfix® easy

• Integrated or external probe option
• Handy pocket sized and convenient to carry around
• On-screen display of statistics
• Automatic substrate recognition

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The Surfix® easy coating thickness is gauge is small and handy to carry around.  It features an integrated or external probe and a v-groove in the plastic foot for improved stability on curved surfaces.  The probe has a hard wearing tip providing almost unlimited durability in paint and repair shops, steel and automotive industries.

Available in either Ferrous, Non Ferrous and combination Ferrous-Non Ferrous models.  The combination model features automatic recognition of substrate and sets the measuring mode accordingly.  


• On-screen statistics. 
• Integrated or external probe.
• Automatic substrate recognition.
• Fe, NFe, combined Fe/NFe models available.
• Small and portable.



Measuring Range 0~3,500µm (iron/steel) / 0~3,000µm (non-ferrous)
Accuracy ±2µm (+2%h)
Resolution 1µm (up to 1,000µm); 2µm (to 2,500µm)
Calibration Factory, Zero
Statistics Standard deviation, min, max, average
Dimensions 110mm x 50mm x 25mm




Surfix easy


Surfix Easy

Surfix Easy Technical Datasheet

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