Coating Thickness Gauge : Surfix® Pro X
  • Coating Thickness Gauge : Surfix® Pro X
  • Coating Thickness Gauge : Surfix® Pro X
  • Coating Thickness Gauge : Surfix® Pro X
  • Coating Thickness Gauge : Surfix® Pro X

Coating Thickness Gauge : Surfix® Pro X

• Professional use coating thickness gauge made in Germany
• Large range of interchangeable probes available
• 50,000 reading memory with name, date and time
• Bluetooth and USB data transfer

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The Surfix® Pro X from Phynix is a professional coating thickness gauge that offers all the features needed to meet modern standards and requirements. It is manufactured in Germany to the highest of quality standards. 

Connectivity is via Bluetooth 4.0 and USB 2.0 interfaces and the data capacity of this tester is 50,000 values including date, time and calibration in files and folders for easy batching.

The high resolution colour screen allows for multi language support and is backlit for easy reading in dark locations as well as live statistics displayed.  Other features include automatic recognition of base material and setting of the measurement mode.   

The Surfix® Pro X is supported by a wide range of probes to extend the capabilities of this gauge to suit many applications such as in electroplating, paint shops, automotive, aerospace, ship building, tyre, quality management and research. See below for a brief overview of the available probes and contact us for more information.  


• High resolution colour display.
• Automatic recognition of base material.
• Automatic setting of measurement mode.
• 50,000 value memory with name, date, time.
• Live statistics of common parameters.
• Data transfer via Bluetooth 4.0 and USB 2.0
• Multi-language menus
• Continuous measurement mode.


Measuring Range Up to 30mm (Probe dependant)
Accuracy Up to ±0.7µm+1%h (Probe dependant) 
Statistics Value, Average, Min, Max, SD
Memory 50,000 Values
Interface Bluetooth 4.0 and USB 2.0
Dimensions 137mm x 66mm x 23mm
Protection class IP52 (dust and dripping water)
Standards DIN, ISO, ASTM, BS


• Ferrous and Non-Ferrous 0~200µm.
• Ferrous and Non-Ferrous 0~1500µm.
• Ferrous only 0~1500µm.
• Non-Ferrous only 0~1500µm.
• Acid-resistant, Ferrous and Non-Ferrous 0~1500µm.
• Acid-resistant, Ferrous only 0~1500µm.
• 90° Ferrous and Non-Ferrous 0~1500µm.
• 90° Ferrous 0~1500µm.
• Ferrous and Non-Ferrous 0~3500µm.
• Ferrous 0~3500µm.
• Ferrous 0~10mm.
• Ferrous 0~20mm.
• Car tyre side wall 0~6.5mm.
• Car tyre tread inside 0~6.5mm.
• Car tyre bead 0~6.5mm.
• Car tyre side wall 0~10mm.
• Car tyre running surface 0~30mm.
• Steel cord conveyor belts 0~20mm.


Surfix Pro X


Surfix Pro X

Surfix Pro Technical Datasheet

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