Air Flow Meter : TE-240
  • Air Flow Meter : TE-240

Air Flow Meter : TE-240

• Measures air velocity in m/s, km/h, ft/min and knots
• Accuracy ±2%n +2d
• Resolution 0.1/1
• Powered by 4 x AAA Batteries

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The TE-240 Digital Anemometer or air flow meter is an extremely easy to use device which measures air velocity in m/s, km/h, ft/min and knots. 

It is a multifunctional meter which is equipped with a 13mm (0.5"), 4 digit display.  The TE-240 is able to measure air velocity, flow, Beaufort scale, wave, temperature and wind direction.


Air Velocity: 0.4~45.0m/s 1.4~162.0km/h 80~8860ft/min 0.8~88.0knots
Flow: 0.00~9999m3/min 0.00~9999ft3/min
Beaufort Scale 0~12 force
Wave: 0~14m
Air Temperature: 10~60°C
Direction Indicator: 10~60°C


Resolution: 0.1/1
Operating temperature: 0.50°C/32~122°F
Operating humidity: Max 80% RH
Accuracy: +/-2%n +2d
Power supply: 4x1.5V AAA battery

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