Precison Balance : HCB Series
  • Precison Balance : HCB Series

Precison Balance : HCB Series

• Portable precision balances are ideal for usage out in the field
• Built in applications for accumulation, parts counting, %
• Draft sheild.
• Adjustable feet and level. 

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The HCB series of portable precision balances are ideal for lab work, field use, educational purposes and industrial applications.  Specific gravity and density determination are easy with the balance weighing feature.  The removable draft shield is used to eliminate wind disturbances in drafty environments.  These balances feature an internal calibration weight to allow for reliable readings.

The HCB balances also have built in applications for percentage weighing, parts counting and totalisation/accumulation.


  • Units of measure: g, ct, lb, oz, d, GN, Ozt, dWt, MM, TI.T, TL.C, tI.H, T, N, g2
  • RS-232 and USB interfaces
  • Adjustable feet and level
  • 12vDC  800mA adapter / internal rechargeable battery
  • Draft shield 132 ø x 90mm high
  • Backlit LCD screen with 6 - 16 mm high digits and capacity tracker


Model Capacity Readability Platform Size
HCB 123 120g 0.001g 120mm ø
HCB 153 150g 0.005g 120mm ø
HCB 302 300g 0.01g 120mm ø
HCB 602 600g 0.02g 120mm ø
HCB 602H 600g 0.01g 120mm ø
HCB 1002 1000g 0.01g 120mm ø
HCB 1502 1500g 0.05g 120mm ø
HCB 3001 3000g 0.1g 120mm ø