Moisture Analyzer : PMB Series
  • Moisture Analyzer : PMB Series

Moisture Analyzer : PMB Series

• PMB series moisture analyser is simple to use.
• Utilises a USB stick for data handling
• Standard, ramp up and set up heating of samples
• 50g and 200g capacity models

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The PMB series has an intuitive menu which is simple to use.  Communication options include USB, RS-232 together with a USB stick.   This series features three heating options: standard, ramp up and step up.  This unit is able to be secured by a Kensington lock and comes equipped with a pan lifter for sample removal.


  • Units of measurement: g, %M, %S, ATRO %M, ATRO %S
  • Temperature range: 50° - 160°C in 1° intervals
  • 3 settings for heating samples: standard, ramp up and step up
  • Interface bi-directional  RS-232 (standard)
  • Slot for Kensington security lock
  • Automatic external calibration
  • Mains power cord power supply
  • Pan lifter to remove samples

Backlit LCD display with dual digits and capacity tracker


Model Capacity Readability Platform Size
PMB53 50g 0.001g / 0.01% 90mm Ø
PMB202 200g 0.01g / 0.05% 90mm Ø