SHS Series Hanging Scale
  • SHS Series Hanging Scale

Hanging Scales Small : SHS Series

• SHS series are smaller hanging scales
• Features many safety components. 
• Measurement range of 50kg to 300kg
• 360° rotational hook 

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The SHS series hanging scales are designed with many safety features.  These features include a standard remote control, allowing operation at a safe distance and a rotating hook with safety catch enabling stability.  This also ensures that the suspended item remains securely in place.

These hanging scales also feature a high contrast red LED display with indicators which are easy to read in all lighting conditions together with a hold function that displays the weight after the load is removed allowing the operator to safely record the result.  All models in this series offer a built in rechargeable battery so the scale to be used in areas where no power is available.


  • •Selectable readability for different environments
  • •Remote control for easy operation
  • •360° rotational hook
  • •Large red LED display
  • •External calibration
  • •Full range tare
  • •Rechargeable battery


 Model  Capacity  Readability
 SHS 50  50kg  0.01kg
 SHS 350  150kg  0.02kg
 SHS 500  300kg  0.05kg