Cap Torque Tester : TNP | TNJ Series
  • Cap Torque Tester : TNP | TNJ Series
  • Cap Torque Tester : TNP | TNJ Series

Cap Torque Tester : Shimpo TNP | TNJ Series

• Shimpo digital cap torque tester made in Japan
• Use to measure opening/closing torque force
• Adjustable grip pins
• 1000Hz data sampling
• ±0.5%f.s.

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The TNP and TNJ series digital Cap Torque Testers from Shimpo Instruments are designed for quickly measuring torque values of caps, lids and other types of closures. 

They are commonly found on production lines at food and beverage or pharmaceutical processing plants that rely on accurate torque measurement required to open or close bottle caps or lids.  

By testing the torque of an end product, the result can tell if the settings of the capping machines need to be adjusted. If capping torque is too low then a lid is too easy to remove and can cause spillage or spoilage.  Conversely if capping torque is too high then lids or caps can be too difficult to remove which can make a product unusable.  Other examples include cosmetics and medicine bottles.

The Cap Torque Tester has 4 adjustable chuck pins or 'grip feet' to allow many shapes and sizes of bottles and containers to be tested easily. It is compact in size, but very sturdy with a cast aluminium base for stability.

They can operate in both clockwise and counter-clockwise direction for open and close torque measurement.

TNJ series is a basic unit with simple function and available in a load capacity of 2, 5 or 10 N-m. Two modes of operation can be used for Peak value or Tracking.

TNP is an advanced unit with added data capabilities including hi-go-low LED comparator and results storage. The memory can be downloaded via USB to your PC with the free to download Digi-Torque software and exported to Excel for detailed analysis.

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  • • 2, 5 or 10N-m capacity
    • Open mode and Close mode
    • 1,000 record memory and USB data ouput (TNP only)
    • 1,000 times per second data sampling
    • Compact dimensions of 320mm × 227mm × H126mm
Measuring Range 0 ~ ±10N-m
Accuracy ±0.5% FS
Selectable Units N·m, N·cm, KgF·cm, LbF·ft, LbF·in
Resolution 0.01N-m
Measuring Mode Track, Peak
Data Memory (TNP only) 1,000 Readings
Weight 12.5Kg