Concrete Thickness Meter : TC300
  • Concrete Thickness Meter : TC300

Concrete Thickness Meter : TC300

• Used for measuring the thickness of concrete
• Can also measure rock and glass
• Features high penetration transducer for accuracy
• Measuring range 50~350mm 

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TC300 is used to perform non destructive measurements of the thickness of concrete.  It can measure the thickness up to 350mm.  It works by using distribution characteristics of an electromagnetic field. Features include data analysis, storage and output via USB interface to PC.  It can measure the thickness of concrete, rock, glass and other non metallic plates.


Measuring Range: 50~350mm
Accuracy: ±1mm (50~260mm) ±2mm (261~350mm)
Memory: 32000 test data and 4000 components
Power: 6 x AA Batteries
Dimensions: 210mm x 160mm x 90mm