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Durometer Test Stand : DSD-Stand

DSD-Stand is used to improve the consistency of results during batch testing. Compatible with our DSD Digital Durometers, it allows users to control the load application force in line with ASTM standard requirements.

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A stable, bench-mounted testing stand compatible for use with the Starr DSD-A and DSD-D digital Shore Durometers. allows users to apply a constant and repeatable load pressure when testing, which is important for consistent results and as recommended by the ASTM D 2240 standard.  

The test stand also overcomes the difficulty of repeatedly applying a consistent pressure when using a Durometer by hand only; particularly over multiple tests and users.

The manual stand features a lever system fixed to an adjustable height boom for adapting to a wide range of test piece heights.

A test weight of 1kg is suitable for Shore A testing.

A test weight of 4kg is available for the Shore D version of the DSD Stand to meet the standards for Shore D testing. Please specify when ordering.

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