• Surface Roughness Gauge : RTD-100
  • Surface Roughness Gauge : TIME 3110

Surface Roughness Gauge: TIME 3100

• Measure surface roughness in Ra, Rz
• Integrated probe
• Dual display 

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The TIME 3100 Surface Roughness Gauge is designed for users that require a basic gauge to produce Ra and Rz roughness values  in industrial applications.

This new gauge features an easy to read dual OLED display allowing users to view result from any angle. The striking yellow case provides durability and the size is compact for portability.  TIME 3100 features an integral probe that drops down from underneath, making it most suitable for large, flat surfaces or wide curves where there is ample space to position the device securely.

The unit is easy to operate and can be calibrated using the included reference specimen. The sensitive probe traces the surface and converts the measurements into Ra or Rz.  The measuring range for Ra is 0.05µm - 6.5µm and Rz is 0.1µm - 50µm. Ideal for basic roughness testing.

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  • • Compact, Easy to use
    • DSP chip for hi-speed data processing
    • Dual OLED dot matrix screen
    • Built in rechargeable battery
    • Automatic shutdown and power saving function
Standard Kit includes the main unit, the calibration reticule template and support, calibration certificate, USB charging cable and power adapter.


Maximum Travel 6mm
Accuracy ±15%
Parameter Ra (0.05µm-10µm)  Rz (0.1µm-50µm)
Sampling Length "L" 0.25mm, 0.8mm, 2.5mm
Evaluation Length 1.25mm, 4mm, 5mm
Battery Life 20 Hours continuous work
Dimensions 116mm x 86mm x 30mm
Weight 200g




TIME 3110

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