Digital Durometer : Bareiss HPE-II Fruit
  • Digital Durometer : Bareiss HPE-II Fruit

Digital Fruit Densimeter: Bareiss HPE-II Fff

• Digital fruit hardness tester to determine ripeness
• Different anvils available for various fruits
• Erroneous results excluded
• High quality manufactured in Germany 

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Bareiss HPE II Fff Digital Fruit Firmness Tester. Measuring fruit firmness is a method to determine the ripeness of fruit in a non destructive manner.  

The HPE-II Fff is a Fruit Densimeter that is easy to use and an indispensable tool for farmers when checking is a crop is ready for harvest, as well as at the wholesale market for quality control and price setting. It allows the user to quickly ascertain ripeness without damaging the fruit by depressing a test anvil against the skin which measures the resistance against a controlled spring pressure.

It is important to specify the type of fruit you are measuring as different fruits require different anvils.  There are five different test anvils available and one (of choice) is supplied with the Densimeter as standard. Extra anvils can be ordered at any time for additional cost. 


  • Test Anvil 0.10cm² for peaches, apricots and plums
  • Test Anvil 0.25cm² for tomato and cherries
  • Test Anvil 0.50cm² for strawberries
  • Test Anvil Ball ø5mm for avocados
  • Test Anvil Ball ø2.5mm for carrots, cucumber and radish
To improve the accuracy of results, the HPE-II FFF is able to exclude measuring faults where there has not been constant contact pressure applied.  When the measuring time has elapsed, there is visual and audio indication that the test is complete.

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