Digital Urine Refractometer : PEN-URINE S.G.

• Pen style refractometer measures specific gravity of urine
• Used to determine hydration levels
• Hygenic, just dip into sample to measure
• IP65 water resistant.  Just rinse clean

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Atago PEN-Urine S.G. Digital handheld "Pen" Refractometer measures the Specific Gravity (S.G.) of human urine to determine hydration levels. Using a refractometer is widely accepted as the standard for monitoring and ensuring safe hydration levels are maintained.

This new "Pen" style Refractometer has been developed for fast and hygienic use when testing urine to determine hydration. Handling is minimal there is no need to pipette the sample onto a prism. To use just simply dip the tip into the pottle and press the start button for quick, automatic measurement.

Many sports club both amateur and professional use the Atago Pen-Urine S.G for measuring and monitoring the hydration of athletes.  Chances are the team you support is using one of these refractometers.

Not only is hydration a concern in sports, for many work places poor hydration can be a cause of work place accidents.  For effective OHS policy many organisations use the refractometers to ensure workers are turning up to work hydrated and not suffering from the effects of a big night.  Other OHS concerns include ensuring workers maintain hydration whilst on the job.  This is especially critical at mine sites and building sites.

Effects of dehydration can include fatigue, weakness, palpitations, dizziness, confusions, fainting and breathing difficulty.  These effects can cause an individual to ether have or contribute to a major accident and in mild cases cause a lack of productivity.  For such a simple to use piece of equipment the benefits are enormous.


• Very easy to use with instantaneous, automatic measurement
• Extremely high accuracy to 0.0010% S.G.
• IP65 rated casing means it can be rinsed clean under running water quickly and easily.
• Zero calibration with distilled water
• Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC) for increased accuracy

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Measuring Range 1.0000 ~ 1.0600
Resolution 0.0001 S.G.
Accuracy ±0.0010 S.G.
Temperature Compensation 0 ~ 40°C
Power Supply 1 x AAA Battery
Dimensions 160mm x 38mm x 18mm
Weight 70 grams