• DBR-1
  • DBR-1

Digital 0-50% Brix Refractometer : DBR-1

• Digital Brix Refractometer
• Measures 0-50% Brix
• Automatic temperature compensation
• IP66 Water resistant

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DBR-1 digital handheld refractometer measure sugars and TDS (total dissolved solids) in aqueous solutions.   

The measurement range is 0-50% and Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC) it allows accurate testing of samples up to 70°C. 

Operation is simple.  Just pipette 2~3 drops of sample onto the prism and press the start button. A Brix % result and temperature is displayed in 3 seconds. For increased accuracy it is good practice to take further measurements to ensure the temperature of the sample has stabilized to the prism.

Examples of use include measuring fruit for its sugar content which relates to ripeness.  Another  example is post mix beverages and slushies can be measured to ensure consistent sweetness and even in restaurants to ensure consistency of sauces and condiments.


  • • Lightweight and compact for ultimate portability
    • Single button testing
    • Quick, easy zero calibration with distilled water
    • IP66 rated for simple wash under running water down after use
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Measurement Range Brix 0.0% ~ 50.0%
Resolution Brix 0.1%
Accuracy Brix ±0.2%
Measurement Temperature 5°C ~ 70°C
Operating Temperature 0°C ~ 40°C
Sample Volume 0.3ml or more
Measuring Time <2 Seconds
Power 2 x AAA alkaline batteries
Protection Rating IP66 Water Resistant
Dimensions and Weight 53mm x 27mm x 114mm : 100gm


DBR manual

Complete user operation manual for DBR-1 Digital Refractometer

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