• LHT-Printer

Wireless Printer : LHT-Printer

• Compact wireless printer
• Tag samples with results when testing
• Internal rechargeable battery 

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Designed for easy, one-touch printing of results the LHT-Printer is compatible with the LHT-200 series, LHT-D series, Durometer DSD series and also the CTT Torque Meter.

Direct seamless printing is enabled by 2.4Ghz wireless technology.  Ultra compact, the LHT-Printer weighs just 220gms, so it will easily fit in your pocket!

Usage is as simple as turning on the printer, pressing the go button on the gauge and it prints. This makes it convenient for cataloguing. 

Depending on the gauge being used; data output can include time, date, result, measurement scale and data set average.


Weight: 220g
Dimensions: 90 x 76 x 36mm
Wireless Range: 2.4Ghz
Battery: Internal Rechargable


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