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Portable Hardness Tester : LHT-Series

• Compact portable hardness tester
• USB charging and communication
• Auto direction sensor
• Wireless printing 

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The LHT Series hardness tester has been designed with ultimate portability in mind, whilst retaining important functions and features.

Features include automatic detection of test direction, switchable display, 500 record internal memory and one-touch printing to wireless printer (complete kit). The test data can be reviewed and transferred to your PC via the included USB cable for report writing and detailed assessment.

The hardness value is obtained using the LEEB method which measures the energy loss of a specified impact body after impacting on a test surface. The results are directly convertible to common scales such as HRC, HRB, HB, HV.


• Ultra compact size
• Fully integrated indenter
• Auto direction sensor
• USB charging and communication
• Wireless printing

There are different types of impact devices to cover a range of testing applications.  


Used for general purpose testing the D-type impact device suits testing materials with 5mm or more thickness. Measurement range: 170 ~ 900 HLD (20 ~ 68 HRC; 13 ~ 101 HRB; 19 ~ 655 HB; 80 ~ 955 HV; 32 ~100 HSD) 


For measuring the hardness of light weight or thin test samples with minimum 1mm thickness the LHT-C which employs a lighter impact device and lower impact test force than the D-type device. It is important to securely couple the test piece when testing to ensure there is no impact absorption from vibration which can produce low, inaccurate readings. 


The DC-type impact device stands only 80mm tall in total and can squeeze into all kinds of unusual spaces to test hardness. Examples include; inside bore of pipes, edges of i-beam steel girders, chassis rails and similar. Fitted with standard D-type indenter it has a wide measuring range suitable for testing most common metals. 


Long-nose DL-type impact device is used for measuring hardness in narrow grooves or channels such as o-ring seats, gear teeth and other recessed areas. The needle point tip is long and extremely skinny (6mm) to allow comfortable access into most hard-to-reach surfaces. A special extended D-type impact device means testing from 20.6 ~ 68.2 HRC is possible. 


Is specific for use on very large, rough samples such as ductile iron castings. Measurement range: 300 ~ 750 HLG (127 ~ 364 Brinell).

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TEST RANGE LEEB (HLD) 170 ~ 900 350 ~ 960 560 ~ 950
HRC (Rockwell C) 20 ~ 68 20.0 ~ 69.5 20.6 ~ 68.2
HRB (Rockwell B) 13 ~ 101 38.4 ~ 99.5 37.0 ~ 99.9
HB (Brinell) 19 ~ 655 80 ~ 683 81 ~ 646
HV (Vickers) 80 ~ 955 80 ~ 996 80 ~ 950
HSD (Shore D) 32 ~ 100 31.9 ~ 102 30.6 ~ 96.8
Accuracy ±4HL
Test Direction All Directions (Automatic)
Communication USB with PC
Power Li-Ion Battery, Rechargeable
Dimensions (mm) 147x35x22 / 86x35x22 141x35x22 202x35x22
Weight (grams) 100 / 75 100 125



Conversion Table

LEEB Hardness value conversion table

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LHT manual

Complete user operation manual for LHT series LEEB Hardness Tester

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