LHT-200 Impact Devices
  • LHT-200 Impact Devices

LEEB Impact Devices | LHT-200 Series

• For use with LHT-200 portable hardness tester
• Available in D, C, DL, DC, G impact devices
• Interchange according to testing requirements

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A range of impact devices can be quickly interchanged to offer an expanded range of testing capabilities for the LHT-200 series portable hardness tester. Considerations for optional impact devices may include non-standard; hardness, thickness of the sample. Accessibility and surface roughness need to also been considered.

Below are a list of the different devices and their application:

D Type -  This is the standard supply and are used in 90% of applications. It is a good general use device and works on material that is greater than 5mm of thickness.

C Type - For small and light weight samples, Above 1mm of thickness depending on the material. They are also better for testing materials with surface hardened layers as the C-type applies a lower impact force when testing.

DC Type - Designed for applications where there is reduced height accessibility. It is much shorter than the standard unit with all the functionality of the D-type impact device. 

DL Type - Long nose type is designed to gain access in areas that other gauges cannot. Places like ring grooves, gear teeth, long channels, holes and recesses are some of the areas that this device is perfect for.

G Type - This unit is designed for rough, heavy objects such as raw castings. It has a heavy duty device that allows for Brinell testing an uneven, unpolished surface often found at foundries. 

If you are uncertain on with device would suit your application best, please contact us to discuss. 


Impact Device D/DC/DL G C
Impacting Energy 11mJ 90mJ 2.7mJ
Mass of Impact body 5.5g/5.5g/7.2g 20g 3.0g
Diameter 20/20/6mm 30mm 20mm
Length 147/86/202mm 255mm 141mm
Weight 75/50/60g 250g 75g
Max. Hardness of workpiece 940/940/950HV 650HV 1000HV
Surface Roughness of workpiece ≤1.6µm ≤6.3µm ≤0.4µm
Min weight of workpiece (direct) >5Kg >15Kg >1.5Kg
Min weight of workpiece (support) 2~5Kg 5~15Kg 0.5~1.5Kg
Min weight of workpiece (coupled) 0.05Kg~2 0.5~5Kg 0.02~0.5Kg
Min thickness of workpiece (coupled) 5mm 10mm 1mm
Min thickness of hardened layer 0.8mm 1.2mm 0.2mm
Hardness of spherical test tip 1600HV
Material of spherical test tip Tungsten Carbide

LHT-200 Impact Devices

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