• PPF-300
  • PPF-300

Fruit Penetrometer : FT327

• Penetrometer for measuring hardness of fruit.
• Used to determine ripeness for harvest or sale.
• 8mm & 11mm tips included with fruit peeler.
• Splash plate. 

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The Pocket Fruit Penetrometer is a portable device designed to determine the maturity (ripeness) of fruit. It features are large mechanical dial indicator with dual scale for quick reading in either kg or lb force up to a maximum 13 kgf in 100 gram divisions.

Most commonly used to determine if fruit is ready for harvest, or also at markets when determining the quality of fruit and maintain firmness during cold storage.  The firmness of the fruit translates to how ripe fruit is.  See table below for more information.

The FT327 is made of rugged construction with a high impact plastic case, aluminium dial, steel spring, brass mechanism chassis and stainless steel plunger.  The peak hold feature allows the key data to be held until reset by pressing the push button to return the device to zero.

It is calibrated with certified F1 class test weights prior to shipping.


  • • Accuracy +/- 1% over 2 grams
    • 8mm and 11mm tips
    • Peak Hold
  • • Splash plate
  • • Skin peeler included
  •  Dimensions: 112 x 59 x 24mm
  • • Weight: 106 grams
Fruit Tip Size Harvest Shop Ready
Apple 11mm 16 10-14
Avocado 8mm 32-30 18-22
Kiwifruit 8mm 10 7
Honeydew 8mm 14-18 5-10
Nectarine 8mm 12 10-14
Pears, Anjou 8mm 15 10-14
Pears, Asian 8mm 13 7-10
Pears, Bartlett 8mm 19-22 15-18
Pears, Bosc 8mm 16 11-13
Peach 8mm 12-14 12
Plum 8mm 6 4-5