• PP-100

Pocket Penetrometer : S065

• Soil Penetrometer - Pocket type
• Used to classify soil conditions on site
• Measuring range 0~6 kg/cm² 
• 1/4" Plunger

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The S065 (ST207) pocket Penetrometer is designed for users that need to simply classify soil conditions in the field by obtaining the unconfined compressive strength.

Most commonly used on construction sites, the S065 is suitable for cohesive soil, sand and clay testing and displays the peak value in kg/cm2. Understanding the type of soil is important as it can indicate suitability for the land for certain purposes such as construction or even the cultivation of vegetation.  Other examples of use are in land care to gauge the effect of livestock on land or assisting to classify a horse racing track.

To use the S065, you push the probe into the soil up to the notch, and by using spring loaded resistance the Penetrometer is able provide the peak reading of the penetration. Sandy and less cohesive soils will have a low result and a high reading will indicate a more compact and stable soil.

All external parts are made from stainless steel; the spring is nickel-plated steel and the internal mechanics are brass.

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  • • Portable
    • 0-6 Kg/cm² range
  • • 1/4" Plunger
  • • Peak hold
    • Push button zero of device
    • Accuracy +/- 1% of full scale


  • • Checking failure or slide areas
  • • Checking degree of solid compaction
  • • Evaluating chemical solidification of soils
  • • Checking soil strata to determine pile lengths
  • • Classifying soils at boring or construction sites
  • • Correlating field and laboratory compaction studies
  • • Correlating unconfined compressive strengths of soils
  • • Analysing consistency of soils for agricultural purposes
  • • Verifying classification of boring samples in the laboratory