Light Meter : TE-340
  • Light Meter : TE-340

Light Meter : TE-340

• TE-340 digital UV light meter 
• Measures UVA or UVB
• UV sensor spectrum: 290-390
• Measuring range 0-40mWcm*cm 

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The TE-340 is a UV light meter which measures in either UVA or UVB.  It is equipped with a LSI-circuit which provides high reliability and durability.


  • •Measures in UVA and UVB
  • •Range: 0-40mW/cm*cm
  • •UV sensor spectrum: 290-390
  • •Accuracy ±(4%FS+2 digit)
  • •Sensor structure
  • •Diode and UV color correction filter
  • •Sampling time 0.5 seconds
  • •Operating temperature -10-40°C (14-104°F)
  • •Operating humidity 0-70%Rh