High Temperature Epoxy : Ultra Temp
  • High Temperature Epoxy : Ultra Temp

High Temperature Epoxy : Ultra Temp

• Ultra high temperature epoxies for use up to 343°C
• Bonding, Potting, Repair
• Various properties suit different applications
• Excellent chemical and moisture resistance 

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A range of epoxy adhesives that can be used at higher temperatures.  Cotronics manufacture in the USA and provide quality adhesives that perform when most other adhesives have failed.

Duralco 4460:   (315°C)  Low Viscosity

A low viscosity epoxy that easily flows into fine details, cracks and crevices.  It has excellent adhesion to plastics, metals, glass and ceramics.  Properties include low shrinkage, excellent resistance to chemicals, solvents and radiation and high temperature stability.

Duralco 4700:   (315°C)  High Temperature Stability

An ultra temp adhesive with high bond strength, high temperature stability, low moisture absorption and high electrical resistance.

Duralco 4703:   (343°C)  Ultra High Temperature Stability

An adhesive and tooling compound that is reinforced with ceramic and metallic fibres to provide stability in high temperature environments.  Easily machined to close tolerances, Duralco 4703 can be used to repair and rebuild worn or cracked composites, jigs, dyes and fixtures etc.

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