Force Gauge : Mechanical TE-300 Series
  • Force Gauge : Mechanical TE-300 Series
  • Force Gauge : Mechanical TE-300 Series

Force Gauge : FGA Series

• Mechanical gauge never needs batteries
• "Lazy" arm for peak hold measurement
• Dual scale N/kgf
• Capacities to 500N 

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FGA series analogue Force Gauge is simple to use with compact and ergonomic body and high accuracy. Fully mechanical operation with a smooth, precise action for basic push and pull testing.

The FGA series has to operation modes:

Peak hold mode is especially useful for repetitive testing in an assembly line or quality control testing.

Real time tracking mode allows users to carefully analyse and see a resistance to a force load as it increases - great for setting machinery. 

It features a "lazy arm" dial to hold the peak force measurement.  The lazy arm is easily reset with a single click on the knob on the front of the gauge.  

This mechanical gauge also features dual measurement scales of Newtons and Kilograms/force as standard. Different capacity gauges are available to suit various requirements.  


  • Mechanical operation
  • Peak or Real-time Tracking mode
  • Push button zero reset 
  • Dual scale N/kgf
  • Compact
  • 10mm stroke


FGA-50 50N 0.25N
FGA-100 100N 0.5N
FGA-200 200N 1N
FGA-500 500N 2.5N



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