Force Gauge : Shimpo FGE-HX Series
  • Force Gauge : Shimpo FGE-HX Series
  • Force Gauge : Shimpo FGE-HX Series

High Capacity Force Gauge : Shimpo FGE-HX Series

• High capacity digital force gauge
• Capacity 4448N (450kgf)
• High accuracy ± 0.2% f.s
• Selectable units (kg, N, lb, oz) 

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The FGE-HX Series is a heavy duty Digital Force Gauge from Shimpo capable of high load tensile and compression testing up to a huge 4448N (450Kgf).

Built into a rugged outer casing for extreme durability and fitted with two handles providing the user with ultimate control during high load testing; they are easily removed when not in use for compact storage.

Testing is in both compression and tension and the display is automatically reversible with a dual labeled keypad to use the gauge in any direction and two modes for peak hold and live tracking measurement.


  • High capacity, rugged Die Cast Aluminium construction
  • 150% overload limit
  • Auto shut off


Accuracy ± 0.2% F.S.
Display 4-digit LCD, reversible display
Selectable Units Kgf, N, lbf, ozf
Memory 1000 Hz data
Measurement Mode Real Time, Peak


FGE-200HX 1000N (100Kgf / 200lbf) 1N (0.1Kgf)
FGE-500HX 2500N (250Kgf / 500lbf) 1N (0.1Kgf)
FGE-1000HX 4448N (453Kgf / 1000lbf) 1N (0.1kgf)



FGE-HX Specifications

Technical Datasheet

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