Flexible Ceramics : Tapes
  • Flexible Ceramics : Tapes

Flexible Ceramics : Tapes

• Ceramic Tapes suitable for high temperature applications
• Used for electrical and thermal insulation 
• Easily cut with scissors to form complex shapes
• High Strength 

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Flexible ceramic tape is asbestos free and suitable for use with high temperatures.  Low thermal conductivity and high resilience make these tapes excellent for use as insulators, gaskets, padding, hose covers and for molten metal handling.

Ceramic Tapes are available as the following products:

Ultra Temp 390:   (1371°C)  Ceramic Paper   

Ceramic Paper made from non-woven, Alumina Oxide based, refractory fibers that can be cut with scissors to form intricate shapes.  

Thermeez 395:   (815°C) Ceramic Woven Tapes

Ceramic woven tape is high in strength, flexible and ideal for thermal insulation, furnace curtains, molten metal splash shields, gaskets etc.

Thermeez 399:   (1093°C)  Silica Fibre Tapes

Fabricated from 96% pure Silica fibre.  Can be used continuously at 1093°C and with short term service to 1600°C.

Thermeez 391:   (1426°C)  High Alumina Ceramic Fibre Tapes

Woven from continuous filament, high Alumina, Ceramic fibres with extremely high tensile strength.  Used for furnace curtains and belting, glass handling, molten metal splash protection etc.

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Flexible Ceramic Tape