Flexible Ceramics : Blankets
  • Flexible Ceramics : Blankets

Flexible Ceramics : Blankets

• Flexible ceramic blankets for high temperature use.
• Ideal for thermal insulation.
• Asbestos Free
• Available in different formats. 

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Flexible, ceramic blankets are ideal for use at high temperatures and provide excellent thermal insulation.

Ceramic Fibre Blankets:   (1649°C)  High Purity Refractory Fibres

Made from asbestos free, high purity refractory fibers they are resistant to molten non-ferrous metals, steam, most chemicals and solvents as well as oxidising and reducing atmospheres.

Wrap It Moldable Sheets:   (1649°C)  Wet Felt Form 

Can be cut to shape to form a light weight wrap with excellent thermal shock resistance.  It is ideal for molten metal handling, fire proofing, field repair, welding supports, thermal insulation, ovens, etc.

Thermal Stop Super Efficient Insulation:   (1260°C) Aluminium Oxide Fibres

Resilient ceramic fibre strips are used to pipe duct wrap, repairs, expansion joints and insulation of equipment for use with high temperatures. 

Flexible Ceramic Blankets