Salt Spray Chamber : iP Series
  • Salt Spray Chamber : iP Series
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Salt Spray Chamber : Ascott iP Series

• Ascott iP series Premium Salt Spray Chamber.
• Two-step programming for modified test standards.
• Colour touch screen user interface.
• Remote control and data output options
• Capacities from 120L to 2600L 

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Salt Spray Chamber iP series from Ascott Analytical is a premium Corrosion Chamber which offers neutral pH salt spray testing capabilities, also with the ability to add another separate climate in a two part test cycle.

It is possible to add PROHESION (drying) or SWAAT (condensation humidity) to further accelerate the test.  This can be useful when performing modified tests, such as ASTM G85 annexes.

The user can freely create and edit a range of climate programs on the large, full colour, touch screen interface. It is easy to use with intuitive menus and icons similar to a smart phone.

With use of the optional data logging software ACC120, it is also possible to run the chamber though an IP address and a LAN port to connect to your laptop, PC or network.

Start, Stop, Pause and monitor or created and modify test programs from the desk in your office.

There are many optional accessories available to further enhance your chamber.  Please contact us with your testing application details so that we can customise the correct package for you. (03) 8768 8166.


  • Two-part programming for 'modified' test standards
  • Additional, separate climate possible
  • Intuitive colour touch screen interface
  • Remote control and data output (with optional ACC120 logging software)


Premium Salt Spray Chamber S120iP S450iP S1000iP S1300iP S2000iP S2600iP
Chamber Capacity 120L 450L 1000L 1300L 2000L 2600L
Mounting Format Bench Top Floor Standing
Loading Threshold 280mm 800mm
Chamber External Dimensions 131 x 68 x 80cm 166 x 84 x 151cm 202 x 120 x172cm  202 x 115 x 190cm 288 x 120 x 172cm 288 x 115 x 190cm 
Chamber Internal Dimensions 71 x 49 x 49cm 101 x 64 x 114cm 130 x 98 x 132cm  130 x 98 x 152cm 216 x 98 x 132cm 216 x 98 x 152cm 
Air Clean, dry and oil fee 4 to 6 bar (58~87psi). 240 Lt per minute flow
Water Deionized and distilled at 0.5 to 5 bar (7.3~73psi) 
Power Supply   240V, 1 phase, 50Hz    415V, 3 phase, 50Hz  



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